the documents are always secured

  • MYO.IO files your documents in cloud in absolute security.
  • it uses highly reliable facilities and connections https.
  • MYO.IO is a web service, requires no installation.
  • the upload is done via a simple and intuitive web interface, via email or through direct integration of the management of documents production system.
  • when required MYO.IO performs scheduled backup of the documents and of metadata on any ip address supplied by the client.


  • MYO.IO files the documents in boards.
  • the boards are "logical containers" of documents processed in a uniform way (they have the same nature, the same recipient, the same format...).
  • the boards contain reference of the document, not the document itself. the document can be visible within a plurality of boards without being duplicated.
  • the user’s privileges are defined on the boards and the boards (their "content") are shared externally.
  • the number of boards that can be created is unlimited, and their content is free; they can be nested in containers, filtered researched, shared.

documents and metadata

  • it is possible to define an unlimited number of type of documents on MYO.IO: exactly ALL the necessary ones, supplying an unrestricted set of types of metadata usable to define the access rules to the same by the users, to search for them, group them, filter them, collate them and share them with external associations.
  • the metadata are permanently linked to the document and, once they are loaded, they cannot be modified (as foreseen by ...) to guarantee all of the possible users with a stable store. the types of metadata which are associated to a type of document are integrable, creating more successive versions of the same type of document, therefore maintaining the consistency of the file store.


  • the users attributes, boards, metadata can be combined in distribution rules which determine accessibility to the documents.
  • defined rules shall be applied to the document loaded on MYO.IO later to be distributed on visible boards to the users of the organization or to external sharers who shall be notified via email.
  • the defined rules allow the loaded document to reach all recipients without the need of any action from whoever proceeds to the files storage.
  • for example: a letter of complaint shall be delivered to the commercial department, the administration, the external legal advisor, the external agent, the supplier who took part in the contract... without any visibility for the one who stores the files

documents search

  • any information filed together with the document can be used to find it.
  • type of document, metadata, labels, subject who accomplished the upload can be combined in articulated filters allowing the selection of the desired documents at once, also in stores filing millions of records.
  • the most frequent searches can be saved to be rapidly accessible.
  • the free search through keyword is always accessible.


  • MYO.IO is web.
  • all functions are accessible through connection protected by desktop, tablet, smartphone; from the office, from home, travelling.


  • they can be created and associated to the documents in unlimited number and variety.
  • tags, unlike metadata, are not integrated part of the document, and do not follow its shares. the tags can be removed.


users are the subjects inside the organization which use MYO.IO to file, consult, share the documents;


users can be classified into two categories:
administrators: with the right to create more users, to create boards, to define roles and permits, to create documents and metadata;
contributors: entitled to use the structure just as configured by the administrators;


the permits of the users are defined by allowing their access to the boards. a user may have no access to one of the boards, or may have only reading access (can see the content of the board but cannot enter any document) just for writing (the subject may include documents but cannot see the other documents introduced), in reading and writing.
the possibility to ascribe a document to more than one board without multiplying its copies, together with the reading and writing rights and with the entering rules, allows to create extremely accurate configurations, granting that the use of MYO.IO and the access to the documents respect the desired confidentiality policy.

board sharing

MYO.IO joins in one single operation filing the document and making it available for the organization external recipients.
the sharing takes place at board level: it is the board that is shared by creating an access to the sharer only to the part of the files storage pertaining to the sharer attention.
the documents included in a shared board shall be accessible to the recipient and the possible cancellation of the board does not influence its visibility, granting stable files storage to all parties.
the documents sharing operates to the level of an unlimited chain:
for instance: the firm shares with its client the board containing offers and invoices; the client reorganizes the documents shared in the board according to the filing preferences and in turn shares part of it with its agents; the agents reorganize the documents shared on the board according to their choices and share part of it with their accountant. The accountant is notified the invoice issued by the firm and shared automatically by three subjects.

invitations and revocations

the sharing of a board takes place through an invitation addressed to the recipient; accepting the invitation makes the content of the board visible.
The invitation can be revoked but does not deprive the visibility of the documents previously shared (what if the documents were sent via email?) because each party can rely on the stability of the files storage available and there is no necessity to make copies.

notifications of new documents

the loading of a new document is notified to all recipients of the document itself, internal and external ones (sharers) through an email including the information necessary to identify the document and a link to the document itself.
no document can be transferred as an enclosure to an email.

reading receipt

MYO.IO makes available the reports on the access to the files, to be visualized and filtered.
it is therefore possible to make sure that the recipient visualized the intended documents.

time stamp and digital signature

the time stamp operations and digital signature of documents or of a batch of documents assign juridical validity by allowing the conservation of the single digital copy and the destruction, or non-production, of the hard copy
MYO.IO allows activating the function by configuring in a flexible way the formation of the batch to be marked and making available the instant marking function.


the availability of public APIs permits to integrate the files storage on MYO.IO with the business managements, with workflow operators (the integration with flower) is already available).

unified printing

  • sets of documents which need to be “collated” may be collected in a single file through a unified printing function that creates a single document by joining more documents with the same format

deadlines planning

through the integrated planner it is possible to create limiting deadlines for the document filing, and set up an alert sequence in the case, getting closer to the deadline, the document is still not in the file storage.
the planner allows automatic generation of a series of deadlines with constant periodicity.