A new way for document management

document management becomes social

you may define the types of document, metadata; you may file documents, search for them through metadata, tags, filters, you may conserve fiscal documents in replacement.
but afterwards you need to deliver them to your partners, forward them to your clients , sometimes more than once. here it is where MYO.IO becomes social: configure the board where you can file your documents automatically, define the permits of your partners on the board, invite your partners to share the board by notifying the presence of any new document.
any document remains unique, visible to the interested subjects who may share it in the same way themselves: all you need to worry about is to file the documents, MYO.IO takes care of the rest.

the digital document on MYO.IO

MYO.IO is the safe of your documents.
a document filed on MYO.IO is totally secure forever: it cannot be modified or cancelled, but only deleted.
The document is never duplicated: all authorized subjects always have access to the only single copy of the document existing therefore eliminating the reading of different versions of it amongst different users.
The document is never cancelled, removed, obscured thus nobody needs to make copies of it.
the documents is never multiplied keeping the least possible space occupied (a single copy).

eliminate paper

paper documents

the documents are originated as digital ones
afterwards they get printed, photocopied, distributed, delivered
in this way they are multiplied and it becomes difficult to conserve them, search them

digital documents

operate on the digital documents, make them available rather than distributing them, keep them unique.
scan all of the paper ones and destroy them
file them and share them on MYO.IO to have everything close at hand
always, at once

organize and conserve

documents and metadata

configure your type of documents and associate the metadata helpful to manage and search them
try always to define simple rules which make the searching immediately available and sharing on the web in a safe and protected way

substitute filing

time stamp and digital signature are integrated in MYO.IO to make the digital documents juridically valid getting rid of the necessity to conserve a paper copy of the document
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uniqueness and sharing

share your documents, with an invitation.
when you file a document on MYO.IO all of the interested subjects are notified by email.
the document remains unique.

reading confirmation

there is only one single copy of every document, all access to the document are registered and you may always have evidence that all recipients received it.
MYO.IO registers all activities operated by the users.