Lino Anziutti

Delivering the documents to 1200 employees distributed in over 350 shops was an articulated and complex process. With MYO, our employees have received their payslips one week in advance and engaging almost no company resources at all. Subscription to the service have exceeded 90% in only the first month and we plan to further improve.


dayli srl

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Alessandro Dal Bon

Myo has represented an important step forward for companies to optimize the management and communication process towards the employees. The simplicity of its operation and the multiple possibilities of development constitute the basis to be able to consider it as a fundamental instrument especially in case the number and geographic location of the human resources assume important dimensions.
The use of Myo has contributed to create an important virtual channel for the contact with the single employees, originated from the concept that their pay-cheque and the related documents represent a fundamental link with the company. Furthermore, the distribution work and the successive consultancy one result now immediate and with no need to produce a paper copy of the document, with all the relative benefits in terms of time and use of consumables.

General Manager

Autostar Group SPA

In over 30 years of activity 78.000 clients have purchased their car through the Gruppo Autostar.
In 2011 the firm has sold about 4.000 cars and achieved sales figures of over 100 million Euros and registered a percentage growth in comparison to the previous year, totally in contrast with the crisis that the motor industry is experiencing.

Alessandro Natolino

Our consultancy activity also passes through our ability to operate with numerous documents for over 700 clients, each with its peculiarities. For some time now we have been looking for a solution to enable us to be effective and efficient also on this specific aspect, and in any case to be flexible in relation to the needs required by each company. Thanks to Myo we can rely on a slim and intuitive platform to make any document trackable and traceable all the way along its path. It is the real possibility to transform tons of paper in a single click and with the reliability that those documents shall always be available and shareable through very simple operations.


Onemore srl

Onemore srl is a consultancy and training company operating in the field of compliance with legislation on safety and healthy work environment, external environment, privacy, food hygiene, management systems and management consulting. It operates over the whole national territory with offices in Rive D’Arcano, Padova, Turin and Rome, taking pride over their 20 internal staff specialized in various sectors and of some well consolidated external collaborators. Since 2009 their management system is efficiently operated conforming to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 – it operates on a portfolio of over 700 organizations belonging to all different activity sectors and of very diverse dimension.